Our Case Results

Our firm is committed to providing personal and tenacious representation to clients in a variety of legal matters. From criminal defense to family law cases, we have guided hundreds of clients to successful solutions. When our hard work and dedication pays off to our client’s benefit, we are proud to share the stories of success. Recently, we handled 3 litigation cases and obtained successful outcomes in each.

      We aggressively represented a client in an alimony case. His ex-wife was trying to get an increase in the amount of alimony our client had to pay. However, our firm was able to use our knowledge of the Maryland family law system to help our client obtain a beneficial outcome. In the end, the court refused to grant the ex-wife’s request, and our client was able to avoid having to pay an unreasonable amount of alimony.


      Our client wanted to be able to spend more time with his daughters. We represented him as he requested increased custody/visitation time schedules. With thorough preparation and diligent legal assistance, our firm was able to help him reach a favorable solution. The court granted his request and ordered additional time with his girls.


      Our client was arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DUI). However, with diligent preparation and effective legal strategies, we were able to help our client reach a favorable verdict. The jury found our client not guilty of all charges, proving our client’s innocence in the matter.