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Attorney Trunnell to Speak at Upcoming MSBA Seminar

The Maryland State Bar Association, Inc. (MSBA) has scheduled an all-day seminar – titled "2016 Hot Tips in Family Law" – to discuss what esquires and other legal professionals should know about family law in the upcoming year. According to the current itinerary, Maryland Family Law Attorney Richard R. Trunnell of Trunnell Law, LLC will close out the day with a dissertation on delinquency cases. In particular, he will discuss how such cases are initiated and where the child is placed during them. The topic is generally considered somewhat obscure for most attorneys, and it is expected to provide a considerable benefit to those in attendance.

Information regarding "2016 Hot Tips in Family Law" seminar:

  • Date: February 4th, 2016 (Thursday)
  • Location: Sheraton Columbia Town Center Hotel, Columbia MD
  • Time: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
  • Provided credits: 6 CLE Credits / 5.5 VA CLE Credits

Other topics for the all-day seminar are to cover federal laws that impact family law, how electronically stored information pertains to family law attorneys, child support agreements for the self-employed, and more. For those interested in attending, tickets may still be available for purchase through the MSBA informational website, linked here.

More Information Regarding the MSBA

The Maryland State Bar Association is a well-known, highly-respected, and also voluntary organization that focuses on improving the practices, careers, and lives of legal professionals in the state. As the group's work is considered to be greatly advantageous to all who join, as well as the public, it is estimated that more than 66% of all attorneys and judges in Maryland will join the MSBA.

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