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Same-Sex Marriage Legalized Nationwide

The right for same-sex couples to marry has long been debated throughout every state. Although Maryland made this a reality on January 1, 2013, the recent Supreme Court decision is no less exciting. As of June 26, same-sex couples can legally get married, regardless of where they live.

A ruling of this kind has been a long time coming for those in support of same-sex marriage. By the same token, it is only to be expected that opposition will rise from many on the resisting side. Just over two weeks have passed since the Supreme Court made their official ruling and such opposition is already beginning to brew.

Same-Sex Couples Should Prepare for Pushback

One county clerk in Kentucky will appear in a courtroom to argue that her Christian faith prohibits her from issuing same-sex marriage licenses. This response is not unique just to Kentucky, however, and same-sex couples would do well to prepare for some level of animosity and pushback from those they encounter.

Since the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriages must be recognized in each state, no matter where the marriage was performed, it only makes sense that resistance from opposing parties will bleed across state lines. Even if a same-sex marriage is well-received in Maryland, it may not be if that couple chooses to travel somewhere else.

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