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Student With Shotgun in Trunk: A Simple Mistake With Serious Consequences

A young man who made a simple mistake has been dealing with some heavy consequences in Maryland. Back in February, he had gone hunting over the weekend and forgot to remove his shotgun from the trunk of his car before driving to school. He had returned late on Sunday, about 11:00 pm, and woke up with barely enough time to get to school before the bell.

He drove off, completely forgetting that he had not taken his shotgun out of the trunk of his car. When discovered by the authorities, he was charged with a weapons offense and expelled from school. Our firm, Trunnell Law, LLC represented the young man in the case. He is an outstanding citizen and student who made a simple mistake and is now paying dearly for it. Does the punishment fit the crime?

The case has sparked a lot of interest from the media and local citizens, and discussions about the conflict between the Second Amendment and safety in schools. It is fully understood that he should not have had the gun at school, even though there was no intention to harm, and it never left the trunk of his car. The expulsion in his senior year has had very unfortunate consequences for a young man that that just made a simple mistake.

He has appealed to the Board of Education to ask for leniency in his case and allow him to return to school for graduation and the prom. As his crime was purely a lapse of memory, which is not disputed, he hopes that his appeal will be approved by the Board. He never had any nefarious plans. The context really is at the heart of this case.

He was given probation for one misdemeanor weapons count, and he is not allowed to possess a weapon for one year as part of his penalty. The offense can be expunged after 3 years or sooner if approved by the judge.

Let's face it – we have all forgotten things we put in the trunk. It can be dangerous.

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